Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What is a Stay At Home Mom?

Remind me again would ya? Since March, I have been a full time SAHM and haven't done much staying home. Today was one of those days that I didn't stay home. It started with putting Katie on the bus, taking Gillian to school, a quick trip to Starbucks (thank you whoever gave me the giftcard for my birthday)and then up to church for a 2 hour Church and Society meeting! Then I rushed home to meet the bus, took Katie to McDonald's for lunch (long story short, I promised her a trip there last week only to get there to find a bus load of kids waiting to be waited on and us needing to leave to make story time). So, into McDonald's we head (again, thanks to my sister for the birthday money) and we had a nice lunch together! We headed over to the children's store that it looks like I might be helping out in short term and then over to Grandma's to drop Katie off for her date! They went to see the Bee movie together while I ran to the high school to pick up Gillian to take her for her 6 month dental check up and cleaning. Then, we rushed back (HAHAHA - rushing back in rush hour traffic) to meet up with Grandma and Katie at ballet at 5PM. Sat there for an hour while she had ballet and talked with the youth minister about church stuff and then headed home. Got home and the wife was making dinner.....oh thank goodness for my wife! Had dinner and am now sitting down for the first time all day!

I love what I do! Of course if I would have been able to sew today, then life would have been perfect! But, the sewing machine is on the fritz and I have to make do without for now! Tomorrow will be another whirlwind day, so again I ask, who came up with the term SAHM? Because I don't know many that actually Stay Home! LOL!



mdmhvonpa said...

Really ... the SAHM title is really quite inaccurate. More like 'Home-Maker' or such would be a bit realistic. Maybe General Counsel of the United Family Front.

Judy said...

I'm thinking it was probably a man who made it up

Casey said...

Wow - sounds like a very busy day!!