Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From my Wish Filler!

On one of the boards I am on, we all got to make 5 wishes and someone picked this wish I made to fill for me!

I don't know who my wish filler is, but I do know who she got to make the outfit for me! You can reach her and see her work at SurferMomKelly

I am just over the moon and can't wait to get professional pics done! I hear there is some matching jewlery coming and then we'll head off to the photo studio and we'll be sitting on Santa's lap with this outfit too! Thank you again Wish Filler, whoever you are! And thank you to Kelly and her mom for such beautiful work!



Glam Mom said...


Laura said...

That dress is so cute!!!!!! Katie is adorable in it.

Cass said...

What a great gift and a beautiful girl to have in it. Wish I was closer I'd get some good shots for you but, your camera looks pretty darn good so - keep up whatever you're doing :)

Jen said...

she is adorable! the dress is beautiful1