Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thank you to all

Well, blogger ate my first post....I want to shout out and Thank Monkey for her most needed phone call today. I was/am feeling down in the dumps and her phone call was just the pick me up I needed. Just knowing that someone clear across the country was thinking of me and took time out of her very busy life for me made my day. Thank you so much Monkey!

And to thank all the people who have sent flowers (Gwendolyn, Mom and lots of friends from church), cards (way too numerous to count) and all of the delicious dinners that we get every other night from church. Thank you so much Barb for arranging dinners for us through APRIL and too all who have made these sustaining dinners. I don't think there are words for me to express my thanks. Yesterday my friend Tracey came and picked up Katie and took her to story time and then back to her house for a play date so I could rest.

And the biggest thank you of all goes to my MIL and Cheryl. She has taken Katie everyday for part of the day so that I can get some rest. I truly don't know what I would do without her. Katie loves her Grandma so much that today she asked if she could move in with us so she could see her everyday!

Cheryl has so much responsibility which she just takes with a grain of salt. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful partner who is always there for me, kids who are patient (well some of the time)and family and friends who really care.

So, if you want to call me, e-mail me for my phone number! I am always home! LOL!

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Monkey said...

you are welcome... :)