Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Post Op Appt

I had my post op appt today and the MD thinks that the healing is going well. He is telling me to take it easy and I told him I can definately tell when too much is too much. Someday's a visit from a friend is too much and other day's I can do more. I just never know. I am still having a lot of pain which we pretty much figured out that is coming from back spasms. I am trying to sleep a lot which isn't always easy. My MIL is leaving for DC tomorrow and I got scared today wondering what I was going to do without her becacause she is totally my main support, driving me places and taking Katie so I can rest. I told you all before that I don't know what I would do without her and I mean that! Cheryl told me that if I need her to she will take the days off, but I really need to do this. Katie has school this Friday and someone from Church has offered to drive us back and forth and we are still getting meals until Sunday. What a blessing that is.

I just have to get better on not answering the phone and telling people that I am just not up for visits. It's not easty when I get lonly, but I need to rest. Bottom line.

I thought for sure the MD would send me for PT today, but he just looked at me and said that we would talk about PT in another 2 months. That really put into perspective for me just how much healing my body still needs to do and how easy I need to take it. I got to see the screws and rods, cages and mesh that was put in. WOW is all I can say. No wonder I feel so tired all the time. My poor body had a lot of work done to it. A LOT! So, off to rest I am. Thank you all for the wonderful messages of support and love. They are all so appreciated!


Mermaidgrrrl said...

Isn't that hardware just awesome when you think about it? Indeed you do need to take it easy!

Judy said...

You are doing great! You are strong and wonderful, and God's plan is in place. God never said the road might not be time consuming - he just promised the best at the end. You are loved

Maria said...

I am so glad you are through with the surgery and well on the way to does sound like it will be awhile and that you will need to be patient. I wish you all the best and your MIL and partner have to be the greatest. How lucky you are to have them in your life.