Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hey All!

Quick post to let you all know that I weathered the surgery and so far haven't had any major problems post op. I am so very sore and is my tendency, I want to rush things and stopped taking one of the meds they prescribed (valium for back spasms) and found it just wasn't time. I have an awesome case mamager through the insurance (who just happpens to be our friend) and she has really gone the extra mile with helping me get things set up to make me more moblie. I want to sleep a lot and if you know me, know how quilty that makes me feel! Last night was the first night I got some real restorative sleep (as did Cheryl)! When I can stand and sit more I will tell you all about the experience, escpcially the first night when all my IV's blew and I got no pain relif for 2.5 hours! And I want to tell you all about my great friend Sue who came up and stayed part of the night with me that first awful night!But for now back to bed!


Shari said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Amen to your speedy healing and no more PAIN!! So glsd to hear from you and to know all is WELL. God is so good all the time why do we ever doubt. Love ya and still praying for the day you can chase your girls around the yard!!-
Bless God Daily,

Anonymous said...

Yay Wendy! I have been wondering how you are!


Jen (tatted) said...

glad to have you back around, wishing you a quick recovery :)