Saturday, September 09, 2006

I just want to stop feeling overwhelmed

So, my MD upped my medication to 3 X's a day. I go to pick up the script and the insurance only gives me enough for 2 X"s a day. Since when does the insurance company decide how many pills you get a day? Now, I need to call the MD on Monday to see if he can get the insurance company to pay for the extra pill. And we are talking oxycontin here, not amoxicillan! What if the insurance compancy says no? What am I supposed to do? It's just one more damn thing I have to do and I am so sick of it.

I wish I could stop taking these meds but until they find out and fix the problem, I have to take them. I am going for a discography on the 28th (or whatever the last Thursday in Sept. is). They told me that it's the most painful procedure they do on a back and they can't medicate you because they have to replicate the pain.

Anyway, just writing about it all makes me feel overwhelmed all over again.


Tatted said...

uuuugh! That sucks ass and not in a good way!

Judy said...

yeah, what Jen said. Egads, if you were a man, Lord knows they wouldn't let you go thru this type of suffering. But I am sending big hugs your way, and when things are squared away, you and I are going out for a nice dinner - sans enfants!

Rae said...

i don't have the words to comfort you and i'm sorry i've not been much of a good friend. the kindness of others still remains in my hands. I will get it to you this weekend. I'm very sorry. I'm beside you whether it appears I am or not.