Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Katie

My beautiful Katie. What a wonderful, smart little girl you are! Only 3 years old and you already know how to write your name, and some other words. How and I ever going to keep up with you...? I love that I can stay home with you. We have the best conversations. Thanks for being such a great kid!

Here you are at your most serious!


Cheryl said...

What do you mean your beautiful Katie? She's MY beautiful Katie. You can have her when she throws a tantrum about not being able to have 2 popsicles for lunch or you forget to call her before you flush the toilet! Oh, that's right...In Katies' words, "you can share guys!" Love you!

Merle said...

Hi Wendy ~~ Well she surely is beautiful no matter who she belongs to.
Glad you enjoyed the post. Ash is not
technically my Grandson. His mother is
John's girlfriend, so it is close to it.
He came home yesterday from Hospital,
but has a few weeks of struggle ahead.
Take care, Merle.

Judy said...

She is a beautiful child! And all because her wonderful, beautiful mothers have loved her and made her that way!

Laura said...

Katie is so beautiful and so grown up!!! Just look at that face.

Care said...

Your daughter is beautiful. I'm so impressed that she can write her name. My youngest is three and he won't even try to write.

Sonya said...


Grandma Brown said...

Love to this beautiful baby too love you Katie