Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blogging for LGBT families day!

So, here it is, the post of all posts. Today is Bloggingb for LGBT Families Day. Won't you join in?

So, let me tell you about my wonderful family and why this is so important. I am married (well not legally, but in all other ways) to Cheryl. She and I are parents to 2 children, Gillian and Katie. We were lucky in NY that she was able to adopt the girls, but unfortunately, if we were to move to another state that doesn't recognize 2nd parent adoptions, she legally wouldn't be recognized as their parent. So, Cheryl is stuck in a job that she hates and really the only option we have is to move to another state for her to get another job. But we really don't want to do that because our options are limited. See here, in NY, I get domestic partner benefits through Cheryl's employer that allow me to stay home with the girls and still get medical insurance coverage. We might not get that in another state. Then there is the issue of her being legally recognized as the girls' parent. As it is, if Cheryl were to die tomorrow, I wouldn't be recognized as her wife and wouldn't collect social security and/or her pension.

All families deserve to be recognized - legally and otherwise. My children deserve to have the security in knowing that their family unit is supported by everyone.


Maria said...

Your post needs to be shouted across this country. How unfair to have to worry about your rights as a parent and a spouse.

I just posted my June 1st blog with the announcement of my daughter's pregnancy.

It is exciting to be part of this wonderful grass-root movement to honor all families.

Andy said...

Yesterday, New York's top court heard arguments on the legalization of same-sex marriage; even if gays are allowed to legally marry in New York, that sadly won't eliminate the burdens you describe here, as some states are reserving the right not to recognize marriages from other states that could not be legally performed within their own borders. At some point will come a constitutional challenge on how that is legal given that state marriage licenses for heterosexual couples are automatically honored and recognized by every state in the nation.

J said...

Nice post, sweet blog:)

Anonymous said...

California has Domestic Registery for same sex couples. We moved from VA (very conservative state)to CA this past December. I gave birth to a girl and my partner is on the birth certificate! It was worth moving here just for that. When you register as domestic partners, you have all the same rights as married couples except filing federal tax together.