Thursday, November 13, 2008

The day after......

Yesterday I celebrated my 41st birthday! And I got some awesome presents to boot! First, my MIL signed me up for a sewing class. It's a class on making lounge pants which I can't seem to master. I am really excited. I keep wanting to branch out into clothing, but other than some skirts and appliqued tops, I haven't done anything. Once I learn pants, I can start making everyone some lounge pants to lounge around on Sunday after church!

Secondly, I got 2 gift cards! One to Starbucks and another to Barnes and Noble. These were from my Sweetie! I have been wanting to get Bill Bryson's newest book on Shakesphere so this is where that will go. She also took the day off and we ended up doing some Christmas shopping for the kids and had a nice breakfast together and then came home and cuddled while I dozed. It was too quick before it was time to get Katie off the bus and me to go and get Gillian to bring her to an appt. The girls each got me a card and Katie made a picture frame of with a picture of just her and I in it and Gillian gave me a huge bag of M&M's! YUM! Cheryl made me a delectable dinner of Salmon with an apple sauce on top, acorn squash with wild rice cooked in it and pea's! YUM! For dessert she made me banana's foster which I adore and would rather have than cake anyday!

It was the most perfect present ever. If I could wrap the day up and open it up over and over again I would.

And here is Katie yesterday. If you ever buy anything from Mini Boden buy these tights and this dress. The tights are nice and soft and the dress just makes you want to hug her even more than you already do, it's that soft!

I did snap another picture today, but I was reading a great book and lost track of time so I will have to send that picture later.

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Judy said...

I hope it was the most wonderful of days! I was thinking of you all day, and so glad you were remembered by the people who love you the most (salmon...mmmmmm!).