Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I was just thinking.....

I am watching Jon and Kate + 8 with Katie (her favorite show) and wondering if I could have sextuplets, I could have free vacations too. It's been far too long since we've gone on vacation and I just want to go somewhere sunny and relax. Of course, they aren't exactly relaxing with all those kids, so I guess it wouldn't pay off.

I went to the MD yesterday and my liver tests were off so I am going for a US of the abdomin on Thursday to see if there is anything going on. I am so swollen (they had to use KY Jelly and pull and pull to get them off my fingers. I feel so lost without them! But I have gained 20 pounds in water weight and I feel so fat. I know that once the meds kick in and I pee out the water I will be back to where I should be.

SO, I leave you as I always do with some cute pictures of my darling. (The one that will let me take pictures. If you are wondering, these are some darling outfits that Denise over at Matilda Jane Clothing sent us. You are reach her here MJC

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Judy said...

I wouldn't want you to be Kate - she's a shrew! But if I win the lottery, you will be set for vacations for life! And doesn't Katie look adorable??? Gawd, where did the time go? And prayers for healing and recovery.