Thursday, August 21, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover.....

Is in a town near us! It's one of Katie's favorite shows and we promised her that we would take her to go and see it. So, we went today and she was just so mesmerized. We actually saw Didi and John and Katie just took it all in. Then she cried when I told her we had to leave. I mean, they were just working, and it was hot and well, we stayed...for a little while longer. Of course I forgot to bring the camera but I got some cell phone pics and I promised her that I would bring her back on Monday when the family comes home. Too bad it's an hour and a half away huh? Oh well, it will be worth it to see the family come home. BTW - if you are interested, just google EHM geneva NY and you can read all about it.

It really was cool seeing the house going up so fast. And watching them's so scripted in so many places. We can't wait to see if they put in the part that we watched them tape!

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Judy said...

Oooooh, maybe we will see you on television! Talk about neat - they would never come up to my neck of the woods.