Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day.....

Most of you know that my father was killed in a work related accident 30+ years ago. I miss him terribly. I think about him a lot and can only imagine how my life would have been different had he lived. I wish he would have had a chance to meet Cheryl and I wish he would have had a chance to meet and get to know his grandchildren. He would have been an awesome grandfather. Dad, I know you know this, but I miss you and love you. This father's day was even sadder for me because it's the first one since my grandfather's death. My grandfather's death has affected me profoundly. I know, he was old and sick. I know that he was suffering and I know that he is in a better place. I was very lucky to have my grandfather in my life for as long as I did. Most people don't get to be 40 and still have their grandparents. But I miss him. I didn't go to either grave sites on father's day because I know that I would just be too sad, besides, I have been to both repeatedly and placed flowers and flags on both.

Today I went to Seminary and visited. I think my grandfather's death has brought me much closer to God. I don't know why I feel this calling to go to Seminary, I just do. I still don't know if I will enroll and if I do, whether I will work on my MDiv and become a minister or get a MA in Theology. In either case I will go on to get a doctorate and either become a Rev. Dr. or just a Dr. I don't know that if I become a minister that I will preach in a church or rather become a chaplain in a jail and/or hospital. Or perhaps God will call me to minister in a church. If I go for the MA in Theology and then get a Phd then I will probably teach in the University. Either way, I sense that after Gillian graduates from high school Cheryl and I may move. Again, I am following God's lead in this because He is the only one who really knows the ultimate plan.

That's all for today. I am going to get Katie to bed and read for a while before going to bed since we were up at 6 in order to get to Rochester by 8. Good night all


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Judy said...

The key words are "where God leads me." Your destination may not unfold until you are much further down the journey, but you are going to do well in whatever you do. Love you.