Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sewing again

I am in love with fabric. There, I said it. I am in love with kids clothes, but moreoever, I am in love with fabric. Putting things together to make beautful clothes, quilts, you name it! I am in the process of finishing the lap quilt that I am making for my Grandpa (who looks amazing by the way!) and then onto my next project! I broke down and ordered some Baby Nay fabric off a website that I can't wait to get my hands on and start a twirly skirt for Katie. It's a patchwork fabric made out of mostly red fabric that I am going to make her for Christmas/Valentine's Day. I am hoping that I will have enough fabric to take one or two of the patches and applique them on the front of a plain white shirt. I can't wait to take my idea's out of my head and put them on the sewing machine! I can already see the finished skirt in my mind! This is so much better than actually buying the clothes themselves...well almost. It's a lot cheaper, that's for sure!

Today we went pumpkin picking today....well, let's say the girls and Cheryl did. I sat in the wheelbarrow while they picked pumpkins! I have to DL the pics, but I got some cute ones. It was so warm here today, in the 80's which is unheard of at this time of the year. Let's hope the warm weather holds out because Katie is going to be a mermaid this year and well, the costume just doesn't look the same with a turtle neck and long johns under it! LOL

More pics soon, I promise!

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