Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall Harvest!

Well, blogger is being stubborn and only letting me upload these 2 pictures today! And I have a great one of Katie scooping out the yucky guts of a pumpkin too! Oh, well, it will have to wait for another day! I love fall and everything that comes with it! The apple picking, pumpkin pickind and carving. Today we will trick or treat with our Moms group and Wednesday, Katie and her Mama will go out trick or treating in the neighborhood while I stay home with my broken foot and watch a scary movie with Gillian! Fall is a very profound time for me, and I have started several posts about it, but couldn't quite put into words the feelings that I have about it. So, let me leave you with these happy pictures of my family! I deliberately left out the one of me in the wagon with my big cast/boot on! LOL!


mdmhvonpa said...

I tend to use to store my pics and link to them from blogger ... its a bit more blog-friendly .... odd, eh?

Holly said...

Love the pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

Laura said...

Great pics!!! Katie looks so grown up in the picture with the pumpkins. :)