Friday, August 03, 2007

Too many pictures!

And no place to put them. I've tried scrapbooking to no avail. I have all the stuff to do it. But I just don't have the time! I have a ton of pictures just sitting on our memory card or in the computer, but no where to put them! The other day I saw this cool Digital Photo Frame and thought, AHA! That could be the solution to my problem. It's a really cool electronic frame that you download your pictures into and then they play one at a time. Or you can use the remote that comes with the digital frame and play the pictures as you want. I thought this was one of the coolest inventions, because I know that people want to see all of the pictures that we have taken, but haven't had a chance, because they are sitting in my memory card, rather than in this cool little photo frame. Where do they come up with these really cool idea's?

So, now I am off to check it out and perhaps purchase the digital frame so that everyone can share our pictures! Maybe even get 2 and fill the other one up for Grandma and give it to her at Christmas time for the perfect Christmas gift!


Holly said...

I would love to hear if you get one and what you think of it. I think it's a cool gift idea - or something perfect for my office!!

Maria said...

I gave my daughter one for Mother's Day filled with photos of her twin babies. She keeps it on her desk at work.

I also do all the scrapbooking for the twins. I know Kristi appreciates this too because she is so busy. I do all my scrapbooking on the computer and although it is time consuming, it beats all that cutting and the scraps.

If you would like to see some of my scrap book computerized pages there is an album on the right side of my blog. Check it out.