Monday, January 03, 2011

Sometimes you just want to....

SCREAM! My older daughter knows that I don't like her to drive my car. It's not paid off and it's the only reliable one we have. She just wanted to look all cool and drive my car to her old high school and pick up one of her younger friends. She originally wanted to drive downtown, but I nixed that. I have a feeling that is where she is. I told her she had to be home by 6PM! I think it's time for her to go back. And I don't think that there will be much crying when we leave this time. I need a break. I am tired of her drama already. She accused me of sleeping all day and living off the government. I told her if I could stand and sit all day then I wouldn't have to lay down all day. She really knows what pushes my buttons. Then a bill came today from when she was in the hospital and I told her it would go against her credit if she didn't get it resolved. She doesn't even care! She so needs to learn about money!

I can't write anymore. I can't take her anymore! Sorry for the rant. Just pissed, that's all!


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Judy said...

Make her buy her own car, or contribute towards the payments, insurance and gas in yours. She would have to start with an old clunker like the rest of us did, but we've survived pretty well.