Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh dear

I am not going to promise anymore that I am going to keep this blog up to date. You get what you get! LOL! Those of you who read me often, know that this is a hard time of year for me. The loss of my son Jared in September 1999 and the anniversary of my father's death in October. Add to that, on October 19th a friend of our family and an esteemed member of our school district died tragically. She leaves behind a life partner, 2 sons and 2 grandsons. I am trying to be here for her partner. I just can't imagine losing Cheryl. Scares me to death. So, I don't want to get all maudlin here. Just want to check in and let you all know that we are keeping on. More later when I can write.

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Tracey said...

I love your new layout! It's so much easier to read now! That photo of you and Katie is great. :)