Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pure nastines

Well, let me start out by saying that I apologize for not writing for so long. My life continues to be consumed by my ever growing medical problems list and Gillian's second surgery is coming up on the 26th of this month. As you can imagine, things have gone to high alert in the family. Even though I vowed that I was going to just "Let go and let God" I don't seem to be following my own advice very well.

So, let me back up and fill you all in. Despite the cold and snow that seems to keep piling up, we had a very nice Christmas. I have decided however, that this is the last year that we are rushing through unwrapping gifts, hurrying to get dressed to head out to my sister's where we rush through opening up gifts so that we can hurry to Cheryl's mother's so that we can sit down and have dinner. It's too much. I just want to spend the day with my family, where the kids can enjoy their presents, and it can just be peacefull. I am all about peace this year.

Speaking of Christmas, Santa was good to everyone this year. He brought an American Girl doll for Katie with a couple of changes of clothes for her. Her new doll is named Amanda and has her very own canopy bed. I just got done finding her a mattress and picked up some cute floral fabric to make a sheet set for the bed. There were some other small things, including a Hello Kitty Camera that I can wait to download the pictures from to see things from her perspective. Gillian got an Ipod Nano. We were going to get her the shuffle, indeed had already bought it and then decided that we would go for the Nano for her and I would keep the shuffle for myself. She seems to be plugged into some kind of technology at all times. I guess that is a teenager for you! I bought Cheryl a new camcorder for her Christmas/birthdat present and she has been having a ball making memories for us. I can't wait to download some of the videos's and share them. I got my most coveted Christmas present of all. A Tassimo coffee maker. Google it if you want to know more, but basically, you fill the well with filtered water, and then buy these little disc's that the machine reads and brews a perfect cup of whatever you've put in there. And does it ever make good coffee, latte's, and even Hot Cocoa. We have a monthly plan where they send you more coffee every 4 weeks and I am just in heaven. No more trying to guess how many cups to make. This just makes it one cup at a time!

Well, I have to go, with so much more to write. Cheryl's mom fell and broke her wrist and I need to take her to her follow up appt to make sure it's healing OK! I will be back later with some pictures and more about my life in general.


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