Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why I haven't been online!

I have been working in this skirt!

While I love the colors, I think it's way to short. I haven't put the elastic in yet, as I am waiting for Katie to get home from school to measure her waist. I bought this pattern from
You Can Make This and the directions are excellent. The problem is that the length of the skirt comes from the top tier and I was afraid that one pattern would over power the skirt so I only cut it to what it said. I measured and remeasured, but they were accurate, so I think the next time I make this skirt, I will add 2 more tiers and get more length that way. The problem is the tiers are so tightly ruffled together that they bunch up and that takes away from the length. I think I will also add some cute ruffle accents next time too, now that I know how to put the skirt together! The bottom ruffle alone is almost 3 feet long before ruffling!

Which brings me to the magic of the ruffler foot! It's a special foot for your machine that creates ruffles and pleats so there is no more pulling strings and trying to get things just right. You can even go to the above mentioned web site and DL a free tutorial on how to use a ruffling foot. Came in very handy for me.

The other reason I haven't been online is that Gillian has been sick. She is severly anemic and had a really funky blood test result that could mean many things, one of them cancer so we are going to the hemotology dept at the local Children's Hospital today for an appointment there. If you are a praying person, please send prayers our way that this is something else and not cancer. Good thoughts, positive energy, etc would be gratefully accepted too. I am scared out of my mind!

So, how's that for an update? Sorry to keep you all hanging, but it's been a zoo and I feel like the monkey!

Now, back to the Easter Dress.....yes, you read that right. Maybe it will be ready for next Easter?



Lo said...

Thinking of you and Gillian, and praying for good results.

Lo said...

Thinking of you and Gillian, and praying for good results.

mdmhvonpa said...

Hope you all are 100% soon.

Pennyfeather said...

Hope to read good news soon! You are in my thoughts

art-sweet said...

Oh NO! Hope this blows over soon and G. is A-Okay. Tell her we miss her and know that she is a fighter.