Sunday, March 09, 2008


I am supposed to be working on Katie's Easter dress, but instead, I am finding all sorts of things I don't really have to do and doing them anyway. I got the collar on (with a lot of help from my MIL)and I have to trim the excess away and start the sleeves. I am not looking forward too it. I know what I have to do, I just don't know if I can do it. I can't do the spacial stuff, like sewing on the right side to right side and see it come out right. I think I like quilting much more, and don't ask me why it's so much easier to do that. Maybe because I actually pick patterns that I can do instead of something that is way too hard? Well, it looked easy and pretty on the package anyway!

On a good note, I won a prize from Fabric Bliss and am really excited. You see, I have all these grand plans in mind when it comes to clothes and yes, they do come out cute when they are finished. It's just getting them finished.

So, before I go and play an online game, let me close this out, get up from the computer and go to the sewing area and get that dress done! Keep your eye out for pictures!



Cuz Shari said...

Way 2 Go!! - I just know you did get up and finished the dress- Oh boy I always have lots of paperwork- the HAVE to stuff that I always take a break from and check out my Netflix queue or email
Have a GREAT & BLESSED Week!
Luv Cuz Shari


Hi, I apologize for the 'form' letter but it is the easiest way to pass word most quickly.

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Lisa Emrich

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