Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shopping again

So, you might all be curious as to wear I am in my shopping expedition! I still love Hanna, but I have totally falled in love with Mini Boden! I bought the brown cords with the big pink polka dots to go with the peace and love shirt along with the brown shirt with the pink polka dot dog shirt! There are so many more that I want. And now that Boden has a great new referral program, I can refer people AND get some money to do it! I am loving that, especially since Katie decided that she wanted the Rainbow shirt and I have to figure out what to put with it!

We leave soon to travel down to the shopping mecca known as Woodbury Commons so that I can check out Oilily and hopefully find some good deals there. I am also interested in Off Saks Fifth Ave to see if they have any Lilly Pulitzer for ME! I am in need of a cute summer dress since I have lost all this weight....wait, what's that? I lost weight? You betcha! 20+ pounds and counting! Time to treat me to some new and funky clothes.

So, if you head over to Boden, you have to check out the boys, Holey Cow shirt. Cheryl says NO WAY! And I think it's WAY CUTE! You tell me what you think won't ya? If Cheryl wins then the shirt remains unbought, if I win, the it's going in the basket!


j said...

mmm. There used to be a Van's retail store in woodbury commons. I liked going there, except, the only food was an Applebees, which I hate. I hope that's changed in recent years!

Kris said...


Did you go to the outlets this weekend? I live about 45 min from there. We are going this week. So funny that you have found MiniBoden. I recently found it myself, and placed a fall order, which should be here soon! We should definately talk shopping!

Seasonal said...

Wendy, I'm curious. Do you have a secret way of getting good deals or something? When I check out those sites, the clothes are PRICEY. Cute, but PRICEY. And Oilily???? I about keeled over thinking of a $195 PONCHO for goodness sake. Even at a discounted price, I would not be able to swing that!

Gandksmom said...

No secrets! I just shop a lot on e-bay, have a friend who lives near the Hanna outlet in Maine and sell all my old clothes to make room for the new! I love to shop so it's something that I just do. We did end up getting lots of Oilily and I got it all in Katie's size in case it doesn't sell. I might as well get some wear out of it. Hanna Andersson, Oilily, Mini Boden, Naartjie all resell very well so when you are done with it, you can pretty much get back close to what you paid for it. They also hold up really well and that helps resell too. E-mail me if you want more tips!

Kris said...


Got a question for me: :o)

missedconceptions said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! I can't wait to buy bambino clothes. I cringe and what my mom used to dress me in, but I think the 70s were just a bad decade.

Do you think the outlet stores were worth a visit?