Friday, April 21, 2006

So much fun

Last night Cheryl, Gillian and I traveled down to Ithaca NY to see a friend of mine who was doing a book reading on her new book, It was a great reading of a great should go right out and buy it. Anyway, I got to meet Kirsten (the author) and her brand new baby Ridley, who was only a month old! What an adorable baby. I also got to see Gwendolyn. Sorry it's been 2 years since we've been down. We'll try to make it more often. Anyway, it was a nice time. Gillian even enjoyed herself. Katie spent the night at her Grandmothers and they went out and bought a new Dora quilt for her big girl bed. Now Katie has an upset tummy and has been sitting on my lap all day. Let's pray that she doesn't get whatever Cheryl and Gillian brought back from Mexcio! Speaking of Mexico, I have the disc and need to upload the pics to my computer. That is my goal for the weekend...that and writing about the trip before I forget!

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