Sunday, April 30, 2006

Katie's Questions....

So, I asked Katie, my 3 year old the following questions:

Where do babies come from?
Katie: Baby eggs (Clearly we are failing in the sex ed dept)

What is a rain forest?
Katie: It's kinda jungle (NO credit here, she watches Go, Diego Go!)

How big is the world?
Katie: This big (streches out her arms)

Why do we go to church?
Katie: Cause we just have to. (Ain't that the truth)

Why do birds build nests?
Katie: Because baby birds don't have any homes they build a nest

How do baby birds get into the nest?
Katie: By cracking their eggs with their beaks

Who loves you the most in the whole wide world?
Katie: Mama (Mommy feels a bit left out here, but will get over it.)
(For those of you new here, Mama is Cheryl and I (Wendy) am Mommy.


littlefeet said...

lol baby eggs...she is still have time to correct that assumption... :)


Tay Hota said...

radical lesbian mother of two, and still I was happily surprised to find a fellow UU!!! Love your blog, I've added you to my favs so's I can backtrack and learn all there is to know...

Gandksmom said...

Welcome Tay! I try to write something everyday, but life does interfere sometimes! When I get a minute I will head over to your site and take a look around!