Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Funeral

Seeing my mother in her casket was a surreal experience. It looked like her. Really looked like her. You almost wanted to see if she was still breathing. But she mostly looked like she was at peace. We had to seperate calling hour times and lots of friends and family came to give us their best. The next day, the pastor from my church came and did a wonderful job of delivering a eulogy of my mother's life. The hardest part that day was seeing her again in her casket and then leaving the room for them to close it and then realizing that we were never going to see her again. Ever.

This is where I am ending. I am in a place of raw pain and loss right now. As the days go on and I feel as though I can write about my feelings I will. But for now, they are inside, not ready to be released.



Eνėr-wõrld said...

all Mercy on Your mom's soul...

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